7 ways to hire a good nanny

A good nanny, though hard to come by, can be likened to an angel. In the light of the recent reports of evil nannies, here are 7 ways to hire a good nanny

 1.Referral is key: Hiring a nanny can be very tasking especially when you don’t know how to search for one. It’s very important to note that hiring a nanny based on referrals is advisable for mothers. Close friends, associates can actually help refer you to a reliable source for a nanny instead of searching randomly. Anytime the issue of hiring a nanny comes up in a discussion, the ‘OLX nanny saga’ readily comes to mind. Simply put, the best way to hire a nanny to watch over your precious children and home in your absence is through referrals or from a reliable source.

2.Background Check: Embarking on a fact-finding mission to know the background of the person that will be around your kids shouldn’t be overlooked. Failure to carry out some back checks could cause an irreplaceable damage because you can’t tell what your would-be nanny is capable of or not capable of doing by mere face value. You can ask to meet some of her relatives, speak to guarantors so as to get someone that can actually vouch for her.

3.Health Check: What is the health status of your nanny? Do you know what ailment he or she suffers from? How often does your nanny go for medical check-up? These questions must not be overlooked because they are key at ensuring that your child is safe around your nanny. You must also observe check her personal hygiene and how good she’s faring in that department. Also find out if your nanny is also prone to falling ill frequently.

5.Hire someone that meets your standard: In order to know if your nanny is actually up to your standard, you need to look out for certain comparisons. You must share similar likes. Conduct an interview for your prospective nanny, ask her questions that you already know the answer to and see if she answers the way you expect her too. Hire someone that can be a role model to your child, someone that will portray your skills, values and ideals to you child.

6.Supervisory measures: You may not be around your kid always, or have the time to take care of his/her needs but it is important that once you accept the fact that you need a nanny, you need to understand you now have a supervisory role to play. If you won’t be around for a while, you can have your sister, brother or mother look supervise the nanny and your kid as well. You can also install a nanny camera to watch your kid and see how the nanny is actually taking care of him or her.

7.Trust your Instincts: Fine, you may have been advised to follow what people say at times but guess what? You can also be the judge for yourself. Follow your instincts, intuition is one of the greatest gifts a mother portrays and as such, if you don’t feel right about getting a nanny or hiring one then you can always pass on it or plan for it later.


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