7 things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman


things to never say to a pregnant woman


Pregnancy is always an emotional roller coaster ride. Little wonder that one minute a pregnant woman can burst into tears and the other minute she is upbeat. In this light, here are 7 things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman:

Wow, you will soon go into labour:

Uttering statements like “wow, you will soon go into labour” tend to develop unnecessary anxiety for pregnant women. There’s a need to avoid statements that will either cause anxiety or panic when talking to pregnant women. You don’t want them going to bed with the impression that they’ll soon put to bed, it keeps them awake at night worrying about something that should have been avoided.

I can’t believe how big you are:

Surprisingly, most pregnant women don’t want to be reminded of how big they are. You think they don’t know they are, but then, you really don’t need to state the obvious. On most occasion loved ones and family members utter statements like this. It is important to note that, statements like this can put pregnant women off socially or from socializing at that point in time.

Are you sure you are not carrying twins:

Why do I need someone to tell me I’m carrying twins? Yes, I can see how huge my tummy is and I can feel it in my knee as well. You don’t need to draw my attention to the fact that I might be carrying twins as from my experience I know already if I am or not. The ultrasound technician might not be able to pinpoint if I’m expecting a set of twins with the latest technological advancement in medicine but with my knee sense of judgement and I eye, I would have picked up some things.

You must be having a boy or girl?

You can’t just judge my baby’s sex mere looking at me. Fine you may have your speculations, there’s a 50/50 chance you are right but equally wrong as well. However, I don’t want to spend 9 months thinking about the sex of my child or what else you might feel the need to use as the evidence of the baby’s sex.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep now because you wont get chance once the baby arrives:

Stop traumatizing me with the challenges I have to face after giving birth, as I know already. You don’t have to keep stating the obvious. I’ll take your advice into consideration.

Was it planned?

Well there’s a lot of response you can attribute to this question, you can either ignore or you can reply saying, “it’s none of your business”. People tend to make annoying statements when one is pregnant ignorant of the fact that they might be trespassing but then, its important you don’t get all worked up about it for your sake and that of your baby.

Any news?

People keep asking for news today, tomorrow and the next like I’m in control of delivery this baby. When it’s time, trust me, you’ll know I can’t keep giving you updates like I built you a software program. Questions like this often come from loved ones that may be far away and can be very annoying to a pregnant woman.

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