7 easy ways to deal with office politics


office politics how to cope
office politics how to cope

Office politics power struggles within your company will always be an inevitable part of your career whether you choose to participate in them or not. Although the term often has a negative connotation, it refers to tactics people employ to have an edge at the expense of others or the greater good. Should you find yourself in this situation, here are 7 easy ways you can deal with office politics

 Be mindful of your options:

Surviving in a hostile or friendly environment depends on the choices you make. If you decide you want to be pushed aside then so be it, if you decide to fight then so be it. Always have it at the back of your mind that you always have a choice to make. Office politics can divide the undivided and leave you with a sect you don’t want to associate yourself with. There is always a need for you to understand that the law of excluded middle actually applies here. You can always make that choice to stay out of it and not be for or against anyone.

Set your goals straight:

Set your mind on what matters and bury your head deep into your business. Don’t blab about what doesn’t really matter and what won’t make your boss regard as someone who doesn’t care about his business. Avoid sentimental issues/talks and focus more on the success of your business/operations. Once your boss notices you are focused and well organized towards it, he’ll definitely saddle you with responsibilities that are more challenging and rewarding.

Focus on your circle of influence:

We often are saddled with responsibilities that are beyond our skill set on most occasions or that requires more than we can offer. However, at this point we tend to complain a lot. Gossiping from other colleagues might feel discerning but then, understanding the fact that, good always come out of bad situation will drive your motive/capacity even more. Let your colleagues talk; let them have their circles. Face your job and don’t sit around trying to judge your boss for equipping your subordinate with lesser work while you’re always stocked up. Figure out how you can accomplish the work allocated to you with effectively and efficiently. This is one strategy that will help you overcome office politics as people will see you as someone who can work under stress and someone who is understanding and positive.

Office politics

Don’t take sides:

As discussed earlier, the law of excluded middle stands firm when talking about office politics. Don’t take sides, you don’t need to start talking about someone else, you don’t need to start supporting a side because you dislike the other party. Rather, stay in middle; be for everybody and for nobody.

Don’t get personal:

Getting personal will drive your emotions into play and trust me, once your emotions get the best of you; you tend to lose your stance. You’ll get angry with people in your office, its natural. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should get all intense with them. Don’t, rather keep calm and don’t let your actions define who you are in few seconds. In order to win the office, you’ll want to develop a network of allies that will stand for you once you run into trouble.

Seek to understand before being understood:

As they say listen more and talk less, it shows wisdom. On most occasions the reason people feel unjustified is because they feel misunderstood. Seeking to understand is a very disarming technique based on the fact that once the other party understands that you get where they are coming from they tend to listen to you and through that, you can then drive your ideologies through them.

Think Win-Win:

A political conflict happens because of conflicting interest. Perhaps the idea from school is if I let someone win then I’m losing. In the professional setting it’s a different case entirely. You’ll have to figure out a way that party wins. You’ll need to see where your partner comes in and how he benefits. Then, you’ll also have to figure how you can benefit as well. This way, both party wins and you don’t have to create any enemy that doesn’t need to be created.

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