6 date night ideas you should consider

Creating time out of mummy duties and career to go on regular date nights with your hubby is always a welcome idea. Not only does it help you bond better with your partner, it also ignites the passion and romance in your marriage. Be inspired by these 6 date night ideas

Act a little silly: You don’t need to act all serious on a date. Take things easy and most of all act silly to spice up whatever you are doing. You can always challenge your husband to a game. Act a little silly and show your partner another side of you that can be cherished and loved. You can start a food fight, but please do this at home and not outside.

Learn to Dance: You might probably not know the essence or benefits of dancing but trust us, if you really want to take your relationship to that next level, you can always engage in dancing with your partner. It brings out more intimacy. While on dates, ask your husband for a dance, and hold each other. You can also act silly while dancing too, learn Nigerian dance steps like Shoki, go beyond your limit whilst making sure that your partner is happy in the long run.

Go back to school: Going back to school doesn’t necessarily mean attending school together. It simply means, go back to her school or his school compound. If eventually you attended the same school, you guys need to go back to school together. Take a walk round the compound, bond with the environment again, talk about your experiences in school and how wonderful it was. You can even talk about worst moments and how it changed certain things about you.

Hit the beach: You can always take a trip to the beach, hit the open water, play as much as you want and most of all take a while to seat talk more about each other. A relaxing environment actually helps you bond better. Go boat cruising, flying boats preferably; just make sure your partner can swim just in case something goes wrong. Don’t take her/him boat cruising if she/he can’t swim.

Attend shows: A very good example is the AY live show. Take your partner out, laugh as much as you can. Never hesitate to involve him in any re-creational activity, if he isn’t too keen on attending the show or concert, subtly convince him in a loving manner. If he still insists, then, you may junk the idea. If you are both experiencing a struggling phase, why don’t you grab two tickets to a wonderful event.He might just love and it and you can put the past behind you.

Try cooking her a meal: This particular tips is targeted at the husband, why don’t you cook her a meal. Don’t forget every woman needs to be treated with upmost respect. The fact that she is your wife doesn’t necessarily mean she has to cook for you always. Why don’t you ask her out on a date and prepare a wonderful meal for her. Just in case you can’t cook, you can always check out YouTube videos, use it as a guide and ensure you don’t mess it up. Even if you do, she’ll appreciate the fact that you actually took your time to prepare a meal for her.

Document the night: Don’t ever forget to take pictures, take as much as possible. Every moment is important at the stage and you’ll always want to remember how much fun you had together so documents the evening and you can have the pictures posted on social media platforms.

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