5 ways to adjust at work after maternity leave

Every nursing career mum dreads the day when she has to return to work and have to leave her baby in  someone else’s care. The good news is that you can get back to work without looking or feeling forelorn. Here are 5 ways to adjust at work after maternity leave

Get your spouse involved:

Never underestimate the power of your spouse in assisting in you with tending to the kids. Get your husband involved the entire baby care duties right from the outset. You can come to an agreement on what responsibilities can take up while you handle the rest. The idea is to give ample time to rest when you are at home and that way you can function better when you get to work. Because raising your children, keeping the home in tip-top shape and giving your best at work is no walk in the park for any career mum it is important that you get the much-needed assistance from your better half.

Identify a reliable nanny or crèche early:

To avoid searching for a reliable nanny or daycare center when your resumption date is just around the corner, it is advisable that you plan ahead. Proper planning gives you more than enough time to prepare and even interview prospective nannies thoroughly. Be sure to carry out some background checks on the nanny or crèche depending on whichever one you settle for.

Don’t blame yourself:

Most women tend to feel guilty about returning to work upon completing the stipulated maternity leave. Some mothers even wish they had stayed back home in order to have full custody of their kid. It is however important to note that, you are only complementing your husband financially while also building a career in the process. Don’t feel guilty because you are not a stay-at-home mum, because the latter also have her own fair share of challenges. Always remind yourself that you are doing the right thing for your family and not otherwise.

Strike a healthy work-life balance: Give your work, husband, children and family equal attention. Ensure that your job has your full attention when you are at it and your family has your eyes and ears when you are home. Tend to what matters at the moment and not what you can do later. Compartmentalising will also help you strike a healthy work-life balance.

Get your priorities right:

You need to let go of certain unwholesome habits in order to be described as a great mom. And this includes procrastination. Setting your priorities right does not necessarily mean you should highlight what’s right and what’s wrong in this concept. Once you understand the fact that changing your baby’s diaper is just as important as washing the dishes then you are on the right track. If you are unable to handle both responsibilities well, you can get a housekeeper or nanny to help out as deemed fit.


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