5 reasons why bleaching during pregnancy is bad

Are you pregnant and bleaching your skin? If you are, then, you may need to stop right now for your health sake and that of your unborn baby.

Even though manufacturers recommend use of their skin bleaching agents during pregnancy, it is always safer to double-check the listed ingredients so as to be on the safe side.

Hydroquinone can cause irritation or uneven bleaching of the skin. In rare cases it can cause an extreme allergic reaction. Studies do not show an increase in the risk of birth defects due to using products containing hydroquinone during pregnancy. However, it is estimated that 35 to 45 per cent of the product is absorbed into the skin during application, and so it’s best to minimise its use during pregnancy. Products containing hydroquinone can be prescribed for treating melasma, which causes pigmentation changes and is a common skin condition in pregnancy. But, melasma usually fades away after your baby is born.

Here are 5 reasons why bleaching your skin during pregnancy is wrong:


Several studies have shown that expecting women who used skin-lightening creams containing strong steroids were more likely to:

1 have a smaller placenta

2 Give birth to a low-birth-weight baby

3 Women who are breastfeeding should also refrain from skin bleaching. Skin may not absorb skin-bleaching creams 100 per cent, which could mean baby ingests hydroquinone.

4 There are too many risks outweighing the rewards associated with hydroquinone in pregnant women. After birth, if skin discoloration continues, moms can start using skin-bleaching creams as long as they are not breastfeeding.

5 Hydroquinone is a Category C, which is not recommended to use while you are pregnant. It depends on how many times you have used the cream and in which areas. Hydroquinone is topical which means there usually is little systemic absorption that could affect your baby. Stop the hydroquinone ASAP and if you are still concerned discuss it with your Ob/Gyn.

Additional info from www.babycenter.in

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