15 profitable business ideas for stay-at-home mums


Every day I get messages from women asking me what business they can start from the comfort of their homes with little or zero capital. First of all let me state here that this list is not a get rich quick scheme. This list contains 15 profitable business ideas that I have watched other women grow from little or no money as investment into 6-7 figures all from the comfort of their homes.

All of the under listed business ideas require some level of dedication, patience and hard work which are the bedrock of every successful business. You can also start them with little or no money

Now that you understand that, let’s dive in.

1-Blogging: Many women have started blogging either as a hobby or to cure their idleness and today, those blogs have grown to become multi-millionaire assets.
The number one step to blogging is to choose a niche in line with your passion and values. Once you have figured this out, you will require less than N10, 000 to buy your domain name and self-host your blog. Don’t worry, it is not as difficult as it sounds, Just put YouTube to a very good use and you are well on your way to becoming a blogger. If you however feel that you are not a techy person, you can hire a web developer to set up your blog and show you how to make your posts when he/she is done.

2-Hand crafted jewelry: You will need to learn this skill. Hand crafted jewelries business is highly lucrative and there are a lot of ways to generate multiple income streams from it as well. Just find an amazing jewelry maker and request for training.

3-Baking: If you can bake cake for fun at home then you can also bake at least cupcakes and supply to retail outlets. You can also learn more about cakes and other pastries to up your game. There is also a ton of ways to generate multiple incomes from baking skills.

4-Freelance writing: If you have a thing for writing or you are good at story telling, you can channel this ability into money making venture. Offer your writing services to blogs, individuals or businesses on a freelance basis. This skill can also be learned. If you want to help authors or business owners that have commitments they can’t get to, you can offer your services as a ghost writer to provide them with content to publish.

5-Consulting: Do you have any kind of expertise, specialised knowledge or experience? You can start an online consultancy built around any of these. All you will need to do is to start building your personal brand as a go-to person to solve a particular problem. This can be done by consistently sharing related contents on your social media profiles. Get the word out about your ability and be very clear about the result that you can help people achieve.

6-Sell Online Courses: There must be something you know how to do incredibly well. It does not matter what that is. From baking to sewing to mathematics, every knowledge you have, can be packaged and sold as an online course. There are a lot of platforms where you can sell courses and trainings. If you are looking at the international market, I’ll suggest you try www.skillshare.com but if you are looking at the local market, I’ll recommend that you try www.tutor.ng. Find a product that solves a problem your niche is having and create a course around it.


7-Ecommerce: Sell stuff online. There are 3 different ways you can do this: I) Sell your own products ii) Sell for someone and get paid commissions or salary iii) Use Drop Shipping method of selling. Drop Shipping, which basically involves selling products directly from manufacturers / wholesalers without you handling any inventories and physical goods are known to be a profitable business worldwide, and have made a great deal of money. You can start a Drop shipping business any where in the world. Shopify can help to you beginning the drop shipping process and in fact many human hair extension sellers in Nigeria are into drop shipping. Find a niche market that you can serve. If you’re having issues finding a product locally, you can always look at international markets such as AliExpress and Alibaba . You can create an ecommerce site to drive traffic

8-Data Sharing Business: Sell mobile data bundles to end-users. Everyone these days uses data on their mobile devices even if they have wireless internet in their work place, most people do not want to stay off the internet hence the rise in demand for mobile data bundle. You can sign up with www.airvendng.com or www.savisizplus.com to start selling data from the comfort of your home with just your mobile phone as your tool.

9-Social Media Management: If you understand how social media works very well, you should consider managing social media accounts for individuals and businesses as a business. This is highly lucrative and there is a lot of room for growth in it.

10-Web Design: Everyone is online these days either building a personal brand or building a business so you should consider web design as a business you can start from home. Even if you have no web design skills, if you can dedicate a substantial amount of time on YouTube, you can learn how to build websites with content management systems like WordPress and start offering your service to busy entrepreneurs.

11-Virtual Assistance: You can turn your administrative experience into 7 figures monthly simply by assisting small businesses online in doing office tasks all from the comfort of your home. You can be a boss right in your virtual office while being at home. Do not worry if you don’t have a laptop. You will learn how to carry out certain tasks without a laptop and still make money.


12- Create and Sell an eBook:Now that eBooks are a big thing within the publishing industry, there are two ways that you can capitalize on this trend. You can either become a self-published author or an affiliate that connects readers with authors.If you are knowledgable in any topic do go ahead and create you own e-book.

13-Mini-Creche- As a stay-at-home mom, have you ever thought of starting your own day care-centre or mini-creche? I think this is easily one of the best jobs any stay-at-home mom can possibly do. Imagine you put up a poster or distribute flyers in your neighbourhood targeting career mums and telling them they could drop off their kids at your place with a monthly fee of N20,000. So, let’s imagine five mums are interested in your services. This means you would have made a sum of N100,000 for that month by looking after kids. Running a mini-crèche allows you spend a great deal of time with your kids while looking after other people’s children as well. This business idea is a good choice for women who already have experience in caring for kids. Who knows you may decide to establish a full-fledged crèche in the near future.

14:Proof Reading/Editing: There are a lot of authors who are in search of proofreaders and editors, to help them go through their manuscripts. You have to be skilled and have an eye for detail to take on this. With this kind of job, you do not need to leave your house as virtually everything is done through the email. Some editors and proofreaders charge up to 150,000 naira to proofread and edit a manuscript so, imagine making N300,000 at a go, if you get two manuscripts in a month.

15) Internet Research Business : Some people are very good at conducting research. It is a very good business opportunity for stay-at-home moms. Starting your own internet research company, helping people conduct online research and getting paid for it is another way you can money without leaving your home.

The truth is that there are tons of opportunities out there especially online that any mum can leverage to start her own business. This list is just nothing but a scratch.

Do you run a business from home? Share with us, what business do you run?

Will you be interested in learning how to make money from the comfort of your home? Please indicate in the comment section below or send an email to info@fabmumng.com

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